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Quiz Show Trivia provides live hosted game shows delivered in virtual, in-person and hybrid formats. Our games and featurettes are loosely inspired by classic game shows most people are familiar with, with a few unique twists.

Just like the real thing, you'll be playing for fabulous prizes! Be sure to visit the Sponsors page to see the list of terrific partners who make our prizes possible.

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Check out our current and upcoming games below.

Currently Available:

This grid-based trivia game sees teams of individuals and small groups compete head-to-head for the high score by answering questions they select from the board. No need to answer in the form of a question here.

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So, You Wannna Have Fun?

This trivia contest sees teams of individuals and small groups compete for their chance in the hot seat where they will advance through a series of increasingly difficult questions. Careful though; one wrong answer and your turn is up!

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Coming Soon:

The Fun Feud

This game sees two teams of individuals compete head-to-head to guess top responses from a series of survey questions answered by random samples. Build up point values by revealing the most popular responses. Make three incorrect guesses and the other team has a chance to steal your points.​

Fun Words Pyramid

This game sees two teams of individuals work with a clue-giver to correctly guess hidden code words. Play against the other team while trying to beat the clock in a series of fast-paced rounds.