Complete transparency into our pricing model...

Running a Quiz Show Trivia game show requires a combination of skills as unique as the experiences we produce. Therefore each event will be priced individually. That said, we follow a set of rules to help us price each event in a standard fashion.

Pricing Rules:

  1. Each event price will include but not be limited to the following line items: 1) Production, 2) Hosting, and 3) Administration.

    1. "Production" refers to the cost of research, writing, licensing, and all other elements including in assembling and customizing the game show file.

    2. "Hosting" refers to the costs associated with the live game show facilitation. 

    3. "Administration" refers to player fees, including customization and communication related to the game show as well as certain licensing costs.

  2. Each of the line items have parameters set to ensure fair pricing for all customers.  While many factors play into the final price determination, in most cases our goal is to keep our game shows between a cost of $20 - $30 per player, and often times less than that.


Pricing Example: 

Company ABC would like to book a game show for their new team members, They go to Our Bookings page to choose their event date / time, and kick-off the game show planning process. They choose a Standard Fun-Pardy! game show option for 25 players.

Quiz Show Trivia determines the price in the following manner:

  1. Total Game Show Price - $425 (or $17 per contestant)​​​

    1. Game Show Production - includes design and build of file, prizes, and licensing - $75

    2. Game Show Hosting - includes live host and group facilitation - $100

    3. Game Show Administration - includes player entry fees, content / trivia customizations, and communications - $250 (= $10 x 25 players)​

Getting the Best Price:

Quiz Show Trivia offers the highest quality private and corporate game shows in the market, however we have found ways to help lower our costs to bring you the game great experience at a more affordable rate. Ask about availability for the following options during booking:

  1. Discounts - we offer discounts for a variety of reasons, including for: non-profit organization games, community group games, loyalty / returning customers, and more, Be sure to join our email list for more preferred pricing options.

  2. Training Games - we offer preferred pricing for games that help us maintain our talented roster of game show hosts; ask about opportunities to have your game show hosted by a host-in-training. 

  3. Game Formatting - we offer extreme flexibility in our our game show formats, allowing you the option of shortening (or extending) our Standard offering to a size that fits for your needs.