The original online game show...

Why play pub trivia when you can star in a game show?

The Quiz Show Trivia promise

Quiz Show Trivia isn't just another online trivia service - we are the original online game show. 

This means our contestants get extraordinary value for their ticket price, including:

  • A live host

  • Flashy in-game graphics and visuals

  • Original music 

  • Fabulous prizes! (we wouldn't be a game show without them)

What's more? We go the extra mile to ensure each game is customized to the tastes of each event organizer, and guarantee that they will never see the same question twice. We even offer a line of premium game add-ons to further enhance your event experience.


Support independent artists and creators!


Quiz Show Trivia is a proud supporter of the arts in Canada and more broadly. Our games are produced using ethically licensed works of independent artists and creators. This includes musicians, graphic artists, voice actors, photographers, writers and more. Each time you play a game with Quiz Show Trivia you are helping support the Canadian creative community.

If you are an artist or creator that has something to contribute to our show, please reach out via email at game.triviashow@gmail.com.

Support your local community!

Local Business.jpg

We are also champions of local and small business. Our prizes are generously provided for by our network of incredible sponsors. Be sure to check them out! When we sell games in a given geographic location, businesses serving that area are given priority access to QST sponsorship opportunities. This way, we connect our contestants with brands and deals that support their own local community.


As a further step, we offer exclusive pricing to community groups, public organizations and not-for-profits.